Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Round up of Foodie Goodies #2 July/August 2014 plus Nib Nibs Giveaway.

I have been sent a lovely selection of food related products between July-August 2014 which I had to share with you all on a bumper round up.
First up is Nib Nibs  a company based in North Yorkshire that focuses on premium baked nibbles such as Exceptional Cheddar and Cheesy Onion straws, Exceptional Salt and Pepper Jumbo Peanuts, Exceptional Cheddar and Spicy Chilli Straws and Exceptional Cheddar Cheese Straws. I found these savoury delights to be rather addictive and moerish; I quickly demolished the cheddar and cheesy onion straws and had to show restraint not to eat everything in one go.

Nibs Nibs

The lovely people at Waitrose asked a selection of bloggers to host a BBQ off where dishes are recreated using their products and also Heston Blumenthal recipes. The idea was that each person creates their own unique spin on a chosen BBQ essential and a winner is chosen. Click on my review post for the full review and recipes made.
BBQ Bake Off

Regal Food Products sent me a selection of the spice mixes including Bombay biryani, tandoori mix, punjabi chana and the Achar Gosht, which I made a beef version off. Although spicy I liked the simplicity of having all the spices in a handy little packet.

Serenata Flowers  have a range of chocolicious hampers and as a chocoholic I was delighted to try their Chocolate Tempations Hamper. Have a read of my review post to read all about all the chocolates I tasted.
Chocolate Temptations Hamper

It has been a bumper couple of months for cook books, many thanks to Jacqui Small Publishing for the selection of fabulous books which I'm looking forward to sharing on my blog in the next few weeks. First up is Toute Hache a Cafe in Paris who wrote a cookbook which focuses on meat, minced, chopped, cut and influenced from culinary influences around the world. So far, I've made the oriental burgers and lemony chicken meatballs.

Bombay Lunchbox, creates recipes which are a fusion from an Anglo-Indian Cookery of dishes that would be as the title suggest eaten in a lunchbox. I've bookmarked a couple of the recipes from the Afternoon Chapter which I hope to share in a future review post.

 Any reader of my blog knows I love burgers, in fact I have a Facebook folder dedicated to these meaty delights.  I was delighted when I received a copy of Burgers by Paul Gayler, a selection of delightful burger recipes and as I love Caribbean inspired food I will be making their jerk burgers.

Also, many thanks to Quarto Publishing Group for a lovely selection of cookery/baking books. First up is a trio, Back to Butter, Old Fashioned Sweets and Slow Cooker i'll be sharing the Slow Cooker review and giveaway post shortly.

I love cook books especially with new concepts and ideas, so was thrilled to review Back To Butter and try a couple of recipes.

Cool Layer Cakes is a fabulous baking books for those who love their cakes, sky high. I'm making a relative the lemon meringue layer cake for their birthday.

And finally Wisdom for Home Preservers, take a look at my review post.
To the giveaway,  the lovely people at nibs nibs are offering one reader of the blog a selection of their delightful nibbles, to be in with a chance follow the instructions on the rafflecopter
  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I received all the above products for review purposes, as always all my opinions are my own.


Saturday, 30 August 2014

Wisdom for Home Preservers, review and giveaway

Robin Ripley author of Wisdom for Home Preserves has developed a "go to" book for those who love to make home preserves. Now, I have made the occasional strawberry or fruit jam and onion chutney but I have discovered preserves are much more than this. Preserving food is nothing new, in fact it goes back to 12,000 BC, presumably to store foods. Most of our grandmother's generation preserved foods for insurance, as there were no 24 hour supermarkets like today and there would be guarantees that a large amount of food would be available. These days, (or in my case) preserves for a wonderful accompaniment to dishes.  This book offers a comprehensive guidance on to store a wide range  of ingredients 500 tips for pickling, bottling, curing, smoking and more. The whole emphasis on this book is sharing tips that are needed so we can become kings and queens of home preserving; here are my top favourite tips from this book as featured in the book. Tip 3 Understand why foods spoil, Tip 9 Prepare what you have and what you love, Tip 27 Regularly inspect and rotate stored food, Select a pressure cooker with the newer safety features and  Tip 96 Let jars rest for 24 hours.

There are 8 chapters in this book including :

  • Chapter 1 Getting Started: which includes before you begin, Get Organised
  • Chapter 2: Bottiling: Preserving Basics, Fruits and Vegetables and Jam, Jellies and Spreads
  • Chapter 3: Freezing:  Freezing Basics and How to freeze.
  • Chapter 4: Drying: Drying Basics and Drying Foods
  • Chapter 5: Fermenting: Understanding Fermenting and Fermenting Foods
  • Chapter 6: Salt Curing and Smoking: Curing and Smoking Basics, Equipment and Supplies
  • Chapter 7 : Cold Storage: Getting Started with Cold Storgage, Cold Storage Produce
  • Chapter 8: Beyond The Basics : Branch Out, Become a Pro and The Home Preserver's Kitchen.

My only critiscim of this book is that I would have liked a recipe and a photograph to go alongside these wonderful tips.

The lovely people at The Quarto Group are offering three readers of Food Glorious Food copies of this book.

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  • The competition will run from 30.08.14 - 28.09.14
  • Winners will need to respond within 7 days of being contacted.
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  • The competition is open to UK residences only.

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