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Wing Wah Wolverhampton

I love all you can eat Chinese restaurants. To be honest, I am in love with the explosion of the all you can eat restaurants and there are now quite a few in the city of Wolverhampton. There are numerous all you can eat restaurants in Wolverhampton, something that was not around when I was growing up, if my recollection is correct the first all you can eat Chinese restaurant sprung up in Wolverhampton the early noughties.  Wing Wah restaurant is a firm favourite of mine, it is my nearest Chinese restaurant and regularly visited by my family and friends. I visit Wing Wah around every other month, so I am warning you in advance this review is slightly biased.
 In this economic climate Wing Wah offers fantastic value for money; £11.99 for evening meal per adult and £5.99 per child - bargain. The main reason why I continue to visit is I love the large selection and variety of foods. There are 5 different cuisines which are covered here: Chinese and Oriental, Indian, English and Continental and Mexican  Each cuisine has a variety of starters and mains, there is so much choice so there's no excuse not to try something new. There is also a tepyanki station where you can chose from your favourite meats or fish, choose the sauce and watch the expert chefs cook your noodles to your liking.  When Wing Wah first opened I was addicted and fascinated with the gigantic chocolate fountain which I would eagerly and perhaps childishly stack all the marshmellows on a stick and dunk liberally in the fountain.  My favourite dishes from the Chinese section include  the compulsory crispy duck pancakes, spring rolls and prawn toast. Chinese mains include chicken balls, deep fried squid, stir fried noodles and spare ribs. I thoroughly enjoy the Indian mains which include  chicken tikka masala, lamb rogan josh and rice. sushi bar, pancakes, desserts. I tend to just pile up my plate with my favourite foods.  My starter included sticky chicken wings, duck pancakes, prawns and sesame prawns on toast.  My main included a selection of my favourite Indian dishes: chicken tikka masala, lamb rogan josh, naan and chickpea curry. My starters and mains were delicious.


Main dish
As I've visited quite a few times, I thought I would share some of my previous visits to Wing Wah.
Selection of food at Wing Wah.

Selection of food at Wing Wah.

Selection of food at Wing Wah.

Pros: Superb value of money, delicious food, convenient locations and friendly staff.
Cons: Can there be any with such delicious food.
Overall: Will definitely visit again!

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Disclaimer: I dined as quests of Wing Wah.

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