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Thorntons milk chocolate bundle, a review.

I love chocolate. Chocolate based recipes have featured in so many of my blog posts and Facebook page and I can not imagine a week to go by without having my dose of chocolate in some form of cake or bake. I must admit I much prefer to use chocolate in a cake rather than eat it as it is, but once in a while, I will have a blowout and get "chocolate wasted".
I recently tried Thorntons Milk Chocolate Block Bundle, Thorntons is one of the leading luxurious chocolate companies within the UK and have been around on our high streets for over 100 years. Their shops are found throughout the UK and include a wide selections of chocolates including: chocolate bundles (which I tried), chocolate hampers, boxed chocolates, personalised chocolates and even flowers.
The Milk Chocolate Bundle retails at £11 and contains 7 different chocolates, one for every day of the week and some of the chocolates are made with Madagascan coco, which having done some research contain some of the best coco beans in the world.
The Milk Chocolate Bundle contains:

  • Belgian Milk Chocolate
  • Milk Chocolate Block with Fudge
  • Orange and Cardamom Chocolate Block
  • Special Toffee Milk Chocolate
  • Award-Winning Pistachio Chocolate
  • Hazelnut and Raisin Chocolate
  • Award-Winning Strawberry Chocolate.
Milk chocolate bundle
Thorntons Milk Chocolate Bundle.
I was unsure whether the chocolates would be suitable for baking as all but one of the chocolates have a flavour combination which I thought may contain pieces of chocolate or  pieces of the flavour combination (e.g nuts or strawberry pieces). As I thought, the chocolates in the Milk Chocolate Bundle were for eating and you could see pieces of the chocolate combination in-cooperated within each block, which I thought was impressive. All the chocolate weigh 70g, which I think is the prefect size for grazing and to eat by yourself without feeling too guilty.

I first tried the Award Winning strawberry chocolate, and I can see why it is an award winning chocolate; the chocolate was rich in flavour and the strawberry flavour really came through with every bite. I was really impressed with the large chunks of dried strawberries in-cooperated within the chocolate.
Strawberry chocolate.
Thorntons Strawberry chocolate

Lovely pieces of strawberry in-cooperated within the chocolate x

Next up for tasting was  the milk chocolate with hazelnut and raisin.  I loved how the pieces of hazelnuts and raisins were in-cooperated within this chocolate and there was a nice smooth hit of milk chocolate with the nuts. I found these really moreish and was my favourite chocolate block. 
Thorntons milk chocolate with hazelnut and raisin.

Thorntons milk chocolate with hazelnut and raisin.

Thorntons milk chocolate with hazelnut and raisin.

I shared the Milk Chocolate with Fudge with my cousin and we were both impressed with how delicious this was, we've never had fudge in-cooperated  in a bar of chocolate before.

I couldn't resist but to in cooperate the Belgian Milk Chocolate into a pudding or sweet treat, as it was the only chocolate within the bundle that didn't have a flavour combination. As the chocolates are luxurious I didn't want to waste the chocolate in a bake, I really wanted to taste the flavours, so thought I would make  pears with chocolate sauce.

Me and my family were really impressed with the rich taste of the Belgian milk chocolate and I must say although the chocolates are pricey (compared to supermarkets) I will definitely buy the Belgian Milk chocolate again, they were better than the Belgian milk chocolates that I brought in Belgium last year! 
Here is how my pear with chocolate sauce - using Thorntons Belgian Milk Chocolate turned out:
Pears with chocolate sauce, using Thorntons Belgian Milk Chocolate.
Pears with chocolate sauce, using Thorntons Belgian Milk Chocolate.
Overall, a delicious set of chocolates, perfect for a chocoholic like me and I would definitely consider this as my monthly treat.
In association with Thorntons.

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