Saturday, 10 February 2018

Stellar Electric Wok Review

A few weeks back I received one of the latest products from leading kitchenware suppliers Stellar, an electric wok. I was very intrigued to review an electric wok as I've never seen one before. The new Stellar Electric Wok, is much more than a wok. The 35cm diameter makes it perfect for entertaining and is easy use in the kitchen and large enough to easily prepare a stir fry for a family of over 4. The wok is also non stick which ensures easy clean up and as it has large carrying handles,  once the power cord is detached you can serve straight to the table.

The Stellar Electric Wok has variable heat temperatures from level 1 = 90C to level 5 190C and it achieves the high temperatures associated with traditional wok cooking. I found the wok incredibly versatile as it can be used to shallow fry, braise and stew. So far, I've made a stir fry as expected and everything cooked incredibly quickly. I have also used the electric wok to make a one pot African dish, jollof rice. The typical selling price is about £50 but shop around you may find it cheaper. It's available here. I think this wok is worth every penny and make a great investment piece.

Other great facts about the electric wok is:

  • Fast - Circular heating element for a quick, even heat
  • Vented glass lid - Allows you to steam your food.
  • Cook then serve at the table, thanks to the detachable cable and cool to touch handle. 
  • Easy to clean
  • 2 year domestic electric guarantee. 

Disclaimer: I was kindly sent the electric wok by Stellar for review purposes.
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