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Rofuto Restaurant Review (Birmingham)

Rofuto launched on our Birmingham skylines last month, as part of the grand opening of Birmingham's newest Park Regis. My friend and I entered via the ground floor of the swanky hotel, which is worth to see the beautiful decor downstairs. The hotel had a worker specifically to press the lift buttons and we were taken on a journey upwards to the top floor of the hotel. The floor space of Rofuto is large; there is a bar area to the left of the restaurant, entered via a door and the rest of the restaurant is large with the chefs kitchen at the far side. I admired the seating area, a combination of cosy tables and bar stools, all have a view of the Birmingham city skyline, which is breathtaking. 
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I'm not experienced in Japanese cuisine, I've had the occasion sushi and sashimi, mainly when I was in Rio De Janeiro as there was a large Japanese population, but do they eat hot food? I was about to find out, our lovely waitress ushered us to a window seat with views of a cloudy Birmingham skyline. We were asked whether we would like to order cocktails and snack on Edamame beans (£3). As there was a bit of discussion on some of their signature cocktails over on Twitter, my friend ordered the White Chocolate Martini and I ordered the Midnight Geisha (£9.50) which contains vodka, chambered, guava, raspberry, lime and lemongrass. 

For our starters I ordered the Crispy Chicken, Kimichi Sauce, Lime (£7.50) and my friend ordered the Crispy Duck and Watercress salad (£9.50). My chicken was gorgeously crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The flavours of the lime and kimichi really came through, there was a hidden hint of the kimichi which was great. My friend ordered the crispy duck and watercress salad, she commented on the beautiful presentation but that the duck was very pink (she doesn't like rare cooked meats). I sampled the duck and if you like your duck rare and to appreciate the flavour then this would be for you, I enjoyed it.

For our main course I ordered the Black Angus Fillet, Gobo Crisps, Garlic Ponzu and Truffle (£22) and my friend ordered the Chicken Katsu Curry (£16). As our main courses did not include any side dishes, we ordered Duck Egg Fried Rice (£4.50), Gohan Rice (£3.50), Sesame Spinach and Cassava Crisps £5 and Asian Slaw (£4.50). My black angus fillet, was amazing, beautifully sliced, perfectly cooked and wonderfully flavoured. The angus was so tender and moist, I wished there were more of it. My friend waited around 8 minutes (not that I was timing or anything) for her chicken katsu, I tried to wait before I dived in to my steak but couldn't resist starting without her. On a positive note, I sampled the chicken katsu which was good, crispy, flattened and light. The curry sauce was served on the side. 

My friend and I were contemplating whether to order a dessert over some sweet sake - Takashimizu Honjozo (£11).  I didn't know what sake was but it's a traditional Japanese made with rice wine. It's very sweet and very very strong, I had a couple of sips but as I was driving my friend gladly drank the rest.
For dessert, I thought I would try the robata pineapple and lemongrass  ice-cream (£5.50), as this is the perfect palette cleanser. I found the desert to be very refreshing and light, after the feast that I enjoyed. My friend ordered the Two Chocolate and Banana Fondant (£6) which the flavours of the chocolate and banana came through. It was rich and it was good.

I visited on a Wednesday, so expectedly the night was quieter than say if I visited on a Saturday. Also the "crowd" were slightly older than me (not that that's a bad thing) and businessmen. Would I visit Rofuto again? I would if I was celebrating a special occasion like my birthday or an anniversary. For me, this isn't what I would consider everyday dining (similar to Michelin star restaurants) but dining if you want a treat. 

Disclaimer: I was invited to review Rofuto restaurant, all opinions are my own.

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