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Random recipes - Aromatic chicken curry.

I am a Random Recipe virgin. Yes I said it. I recently discovered Belleau Kitchen and his random recipes through another blog (Maison Cupcake) when last month Sarah @ Maison Cupcakes entered random recipes blog hop which asked readers to take pictures of their cook book collections. I was amazed about the amount of cook books some of my fellow bloggers had. Collections ranged from 30 cook books to an astonishing 600 cook books, yes 600.
I was umming and ahhing whether to participate in this months blog hop as I don't like to do anything by random and everything has to be planned out. But a few days ago Dom from Belleau kitchen joined my blog so I thought it was only right I participated in this months blog hop.
The rules of this blog hop is that (1) you take all the cook books of your shelf and shuffle them, (2) Close your eyes and chose a book at random, (3) chose a page at random and (4) cook this recipe.
I must add I did not take all my books out, but only my smaller sized books as I thought this would be easier to shuffle - this totalled around 10 cook books. I closed my eyes (was really hard to resist opening them, but I did well!) randomly selected my BBC Healthy Eats cook book. I purchased this book in March as an alternative to my Weight Watchers cook books, and offered some nice low fat, healthy meals. I flicked through the page and selected (with my eyes closed) Aromatic chicken curry.
I love Indian food so was quite pleased I randomly chose this recipe, but was initially put off the 50 minute estimated time (I like curry in a hurry).
Here is how my aromatic chicken curry turned out:
Aromatic chicken curry.
I chose to accompany my curry with low fat naan bread which made my evening meal to around 500 calories, which is fantastic!. To make this dish I first started with cutting pieces of chicken into strips.
Chicken cut into strips.

I then seasoned the chicken with chilli powder, corriander, garlic granules, all purpose seasoning and garam masala. The recipe didn't state to season but I think seasoning is the key to every single dish, especially Indian food.
Marinated chicken.
As much as I love Indian food I never actually made a korma before, I am more of a jalfrezi or rogan josh type of girl. I brought Pataks korma paste and added low fat natural yoghurt, added salt and stirred away.
Korma pasta and yogurt mixture.
Overall this recipe was a light fragrant curry, I think it could have done with some extra spice, but I tried to stick to the recipe as much as possible. For those that are on a diet plan or trying to lose weight, I recommend this book, lots of lovely recipes which is easy on the heart and waist line.
Fantastic book
Apologies for the lighting. 
I was so pleased with choosing a low fat curry I decided to treat myself to my favourite Indian sweets........

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