Monday, 14 October 2013

Pearlscakes, a review.

As I have previously stated in many of my previous posts, I am a chocoholic, I love baking with chocolate, eating different types of chocolates and enjoying new chocolate products.
I recently tried a selection of assorted (chocolate) luxury bars by pearlcakes and enjoyed trying my favourite chocolate tray bakes in a luxury convenient bar.  Pearlscakes is a family run bakery that make cookies, flapjacks, luxury bars and muffins which are sold in cafes, restaurants and are now sold online.  Pearlscakes offer home baked goodies at a reasonable price starting from £8 for the cookies to £12 for the luxury bars, with quick delivery within 2-3 working days.
The assorted luxury bars contains a selection of Rocky Road, Tiffin, Fudge Brownie and Billionaire shortcake and retails at £12. When the box arrived it looked more than 20 bars and the wide selection wanted to make me dive right in and taste the different chocolate bars.
Pearlscakes assorted luxury bars.

Pearlscakes assorted luxury bars

I sampled the caramel shortcake first and was surprised how thick and delicious the caramel was in the bar. The caramel was  the overriding flavour in the bar, which is to be expected for a caramel shortcake. I thought the caramel shortcake was not only the sweetest in the assorted selection but the most luxurious.
Caramel shortcake

I also tried the Rocky Road bars, as it is one of my favourite traybakes. I found the RockyRoad bar to contains lots of big chunks of marshmallows and lots of biscuits. The overall taste was everything you would expect a Rocky Road to be, chocolatey, crunchy and gooey.

Rocky Road
Rocky Road.

I gave my lovely (naturally slim) friend the cherry tiffin  and fudge brownie to taste, in order to share the calories. My friend stated that the cherry tiffin was "lovely" but her only criticism is there's a bit of cooking chocolate taste. My only criticism with these chocolates was that there is no information regarding the calorie content, but perhaps it is best not knowing!

Overall, a delicious selection of luxury bars with a long shelf-life date and very good value for money and works out at 60p a bar.

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