Tuesday, 17 November 2015

My Top 5 Food Products in 2015 plus Christmas Giveaway #2

Well, 2015 has been a wonderful year on Food Glorious Food. Most excitingly, 3 of my recipes have been featured in the National Press (which I will discuss further in another post closer to Christmas). I have found my cooking niche, eaten a range of cuisines and worked with several Public Relation brands. There's often a big debate regarding bloggers working with public relations and receiving products/sponsored posts/ restaurant meals but I will share my views on this matter in full on another post. On the whole, I have had a wonderful experience working with food companies and public relation  and have been introduced to some fabulous items which have become firm favourite in my kitchen. It would be difficult to share all of my wonderful products I have reviewed, but I have managed to narrow it down to my 5 most loved products in 2015.

Hotpoint Blender
There is a new kitchen essential that all foodies should consider: Hotpoint's Steam Blender. For the busy cook, or those who are pressed on time, I consider this small kitchen appliance to be essential to make: soups, milkshakes, juices, baby food and crushing ice, in a matter of minutes, in fact, I've made a soup from start to finish in 15 minutes. 

Easy to use.
Perfect to make smoothies, juices, soups, baby food and milk shakes.
Can blend a large amount of fruit or veg.
4 different settings.
Cooks and blends.
Made by a revered brand.
Looks stylish in the kitchen.
Reasonably priced.

Stellar Tate Stackable Draining Casserole

Stellar Cookware, the revered cookware brand, also known as "The Choice of Professionals", have developed a new cookware collection called Stellar Tate. The geniuses behind this well revered brand, have developed a new set of innovative cookware which enables saucepans and casserole dishes to be easily stackable, allowing better safety and storage in your kitchen. What is impressive about this new range is that draining liquids from the saucepans or casserole dishes easier to handle, as the innovative pan lid is a handle that locks to the main pan handle, this alongside the pouring lips allows liquid to be safely poured away, using one hand for the saucepans and two hands for the casserole pans. Effectively, using this range, there will be little need for a colander to drain liquids from pans. Each saucepan and casserole dish comes with Stellar Lifetime Guarantee - is likely that the saucepans and casserole dishes will last last longer than me! 

Jubella London
Jubella offers something that I have not seen before during my time food blogging: contemporary vibrant prints in the form of Aprons and Oven gloves. Inspired by the "laid back coastal lifestyle and Africa being a place of vibrant colour and energy" their kitchen collection will brighten up any kitchen across the UK. My apron is perfect for Summer: so colourful, vibrant and bold, but would also brighten up the Winter kitchen.

Oxo Omlette Flipper
 I thought that whilst this product is entitled "omelette turner", it will be equally suitable to turn pancakes or when making quesadillias. You see the pancakes I make fill the frying pan and I often find it difficult to flip them over without causing the mixture to spray over. The flexible head and edges is perfect for sliding the underneath pancakes or omelettes. I loved using this product and promptly used this when making my Elvis Presley Pancakes which I may add turned out to perfectly shaped. The thing that impressed me most, was the length of the omelette turner which again made this product easy to use and flip. Retailing at £8, this is a gadget which will be welcome in your chicken. 

Oxo Frying Pan
This frying pan has been regular featured on my social media sites. It's so versatile and I have cooked a number of dishes in the frying pan. I love the size (24cm) 3 layer non-stick pan and most importantly is hob and oven safe ( I love finishing dishes off in the oven). You can see my review in full when you click on the link, but  many of you have shared how much you loved my pictures and would love to offer my first Christmas present on my blog of one of my most loved products this year.

All the products would make wonderful Christmas presents for the discerning foodie.

The lovely people at OXO are offering one lucky reader of Food Glorious Food the chance to win their fabulous frying pan. To be in with a chance of winning an OXO Frying Pan (perfect for cooking the sprouts, bacon & cream side dish), follow the instructions below.
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  • The competition will run from 18.11.15 - 02.12.15.
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Sunday, 27 September 2015

OXO Non-Stick Frypan - Review

I've got a ridiculously growing selection of kitchenware in my kitchen and when my non-stick frying pan was almost on the brink, very coincidentally, I was sent this lovely OXO frying pan to review. Non-stick frying pans are the only way to go for all cooks, the last thing you need is your dishes to stick or at worst burn in your pan. What's good is that this frying pan has 3 layer non-stick, dishwasher safe. As soon as I lifted the frying pan, I knew it would be good, it's heavy duty so if you drop it, it will be ok. One thing which I thought was impressive was the frying pan is oven safe, perfect for finishing off fritatas and pasta dishes in the oven. The frying pan RRP is £40, which is a little pricey, however as I have several OXO products, I can tell you that purchasing one of their products is an investment. 

Here are some of the positives:
  • Magneto Induction Base. Unique magnetic coating on base guarantees superior heat transfer on all hobs.
  • 3 Layer Non-Stick. 3 layers of German-Engineered, PFOA-free, Non-stick coating provides years of effortless food release using less oil.
  • Drip-Free Edges. Unique rolled edges for drip free pouring of sauces, soups, reductions & more.
  • Oven Safe. Silicone-Metal handle construction allows cookware to move directly from the hob to the oven. Oven safe to 200C
  • Dishwasher Safe. Dishwasher Safe for quick and easy clean-up.
  • Comfortable Handles. The handles are made of cast Stainless Steel for durability and wrapped in heat resistant Silicone for a comfortable non-slip grip.
I find the frying pan suitable to cook basic dishes such as eggs and plantain, alongside sauteing vegetables and making sauces.
Frying Plantains.

Frying Eggs




 Sweetcorn, Red Pepper & Coriander Omelette
Ive just returned from my annual trip to the Caribbean and thought I would share a breakfast recipe which I regularly enjoyed, whilst I was there; hearty, flavoursome and tropical. I was able to recreate this tropical inspired breakfast dish with ease using my OXO frying pan.

Serves 2
5 eggs
100g Sweetcorn
25g fresh Coriander
25g cheddar cheese
30ml semi skimmed milk
1 red pepper, sliced
1 spring onion, chopped
Salt and pepper (to taste).
2tbsp oil

In a mixing jug, crack the eggs, add the milk, cheese, spring onion, salt and pepper. Using a whisk, whisk the ingredients until everything is fully in-cooperated. Heat the oil in a frying pan until the oil begins to sizzle (pop). Pour half of the omelette mixture into the frying pan, when the egg begins to set scatter half the sweetcorn and red pepper. Using a omelette slicer, fold the omelette and cook for 3 minutes. Transfer the omelette to a plate and scatter half the Coriander over. Repeat for the second omelette.

Disclaimer: I received the frying pan for review purposes, all opinions are my own. 


Saturday, 17 January 2015

OXO Good Grips Products, Review.

As I've grown in my cooking repertoire and become more passionate about food, I've also discovered a range of kitchen products which helps cooking and baking a little easier. I'm always on the look out for kitchen products that can assist in my making my time in the kitchen a little easier, which is often needed in my mid-week meals. I recently discovered OXO and their Good Grips range and was thrilled when they asked me whether I would like to review some of their products. I, of course, said yes and am pleased to share with you my experience using these products. I was asked to chose a few products and as I have a more a savoury palette I chose items for cooking as opposed to baking (they have a large selection of products more suitable for bakers which were the Chopper, Omlettte Turner  and Salad Dressing Shaker.

With almost all of my savoury recipes, I have to use a chopped onion as this add flavour to the majority of dishes. I couldn't imagine cooking without using onions, but I do have one slight issue, I always cry when cutting onions due to the chemicals which is produced. This is where the chopper comes in, simple to use, all you do is place the onion in the container part of the chopper and press the soft knob of the chopper and a zig zag sharp blade comes down, which rotates and slices away. This ensures even chopping. Not only can be used for onions but for vegetables (as long as you slice in half or quarters) such as courgettes, aubergines and garlic. Retailing at £19, this has become a firm favourite in my household, it's sleek and compact design, alongside it not requiring to be plugged in or battery operated makes this easy to store.

Flip and Fold Omelette Turner
I chose this product, the silicone Flip and Fold Omelette Turner, not because I love omelettes (quite the country, I'm not a big fan of eggs) but I love pancakes. I thought that whilst this product is entitled "omelette turner", it will be equally suitable to turn pancakes or when making quesadillias. You see the pancakes I make fill the frying pan and I often find it difficult to flip them over without causing the mixture to spray over. The flexible head and edges is perfect for sliding the underneath pancakes or omelettes. I loved using this product and promptly used this when making my Elvis Presley Pancakes which I may add turned out to perfectly shaped. The thing that impressed me most, was the length of the omelette turner which again made this product easy to use and flip. Retailing at £8, this is a gadget which will be welcome in your chicken. 

Salad Dressing Shaker
Retailing at £12 ,I'm looking forward to spring and making vibrant colourful salads which will be drizzled with my homemade dressing. I am embarrassed to say that previous dressings have been made in a mug. Not so anymore with this handy salad dressing shaker. I have yet to use this product, but will be sharing a selection of salad recipes in the coming months, and will feature this product. This salad shaker is water tight as ingredients are added using the very wide opening, which in turn means it has no spillages. Also, what it great about this salad dressing shaker, is that it can make dressing, sauces and marinades. I love the sleek design of this product which can be beautifully served on the table. 

The products were efficient and effective. 
All products are dishwasher safe.
Loved the vibrant colours used for Omelette Turner, Salad Dressing Shaker
All products are reasonably priced.
Loved the sleek designs. 

Chopper takes some getting used to, especially when dismantling.

I received a selection of products from OXO, I was not entitled to write a positive review and as always, all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Round up of Foodie Goodies #3 November-December 2014

It has been a bumper two months of receiving and reviewing food products over the last two months which has been wonderful for my tastebuds (but not so good for my waist line).
Earlier in November, I reviewed a selection of Hotel Chocolat products including: Christmas Sleeker, Advent Calendar and Christmas Tweet. I loved luxurious and gourmet chocolates so this delightful selection was a winner for me.

I absolutely adore increasing my collection of cook books so thoroughly enjoyed reviewing three wonderful books over the last two months: Artisian Drinks Bacon, Bombay Lunchbox. Read my review in full here.

As one of the official BBC Good Food Show Bloggers, I was very fortunate to receive a selection of products from some of the exhibitors. These included: Delicious Alchemy, Genius, Farringtons Oil, The Garlic Farm, Sponge Cake ltd,  Baked In and Ardens. Read about my review in full here .

The lovely people at Spiced Kitchen sent me some mulled wine spices, which I've been using throughout this festive season. I love the aroma of these wonderful spices and look forward to using their mulled wine spices next year. 

Judge cookware  have a wonderful selection of sturdy and efficient cook and bake ware. I was incredibly pleased to receive their small roaster and V Shaped tin which was perfect for roasting meats and vegetables. I will be reviewing this product in greater detail in January 2015.

Dhaniya  is a new range of luxurious and gourmet Indian pastes and spices. I was impressed by the flavour combination such a pomegranate paste alongside the more traditional balti and fish paste. I will be sharing a full review of this product in greater detail in January 2015.

I recently discovered OXO (not the gravy) kitchen products and after an exchange of tweets they asked me to review a selection of their products from their Good Grips range. I received a Mini Chopper, Flip and Fold Omlette Turner and a Salad Dressing Shaker. I look forward to sharing my review in full of these products in January. 

Finally,  The Co-Operative Stores have asked me to share ways of using up leftovers fruit and vegetables as part of their love food hate waste challenge. I will be sharing my ideas and a recipe in January.

Well, that it, my last blog post for 2014. I just want to wish every reader of my humble blog a happy and prosperous 2015. I am happy that my blog continues to be read and is also growing in readership. I look forward to some exciting collaborations in 2015 and sharing bigger and better giveaways.
Once again thank you for reading my blog.


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