Wednesday, 1 February 2012

New books

I received my bursary two weeks ago and have had great pleasure in buying non essential items! It was also my last day on my first placement and was given a cookbook (they got to know me very well) called one ingredient, four ways from Marks and Spencers. There are several recipes that I aim to cook from my one ingredient and four ways cook book and will be doing some over February. The chocolate peanut butter brownies, maple syrup brownies, chocolate fudge cake and double chocolate brownies have all caught my eye. There are also some traditional recipes and some recipes that I have not tried before such as crispy sea bass, pork strogonoff (tried the beef version in Brazil), meatballs in almond sauce, Tuscan beans on ciabatta toast and potato, bacon and garlic gratin. I also brought a weight watchers book called cook smart (one day I will loose weight) and have the turkey burgers, sesame chicken, penne and meatballs, braised lamb chops on my "to cook and to bake" list. I have already made the chocolate refrigerator cake, fish goujons and will make their lemon meringue pie this Sunday. Another purchase I made was Nigella's feast, the list of "to cook and to bake" is too long to write, but I made St Tropez chicken and smashed potato gratin yesterday and was amazing. Ching He Laung quick and easy Chinese meals caught my eye as it was £3.50 on WH Smith online, haven't really looked through this yet but I'm up for healthy Chinese food. Pretty Party Cakes also caught my eye as I want to improve on my decorating skills. I look forward to sharing my pictures  and blogging about my new culinary discoveries.
Recent purchases

Recent purchases plus 1 Ingredient book a gift from my placement 

I also went on a very random purchase of food related goods today. As I am making a Valentines cake for one, I may as well have the cake tins for it.
I no longer buy books with my bursary lol
 More new purchases courtesy of Amazon and Wolverhampton market/town centre. My cake book which uses root vegetables instead of oil/butter, palette knife, cake slicer, icing sugar shaker, edible flowers, bun tin, espresso mug and chopsticks (for when I cook from Ching he Lang book). Need to get back to Leicester where I don't know many home/food shops lol x

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