Thursday, 14 June 2012

Sticky mango chicken.

I love hearty low fat food and am impressed with the BBC Good Food 101 book series, with the first purchase being Low Fat Feasts book. I now have their 101 Pasta and Noodles, Healthy Eats and More Low Fat Feasts. The recipe I share with you is from their More Low Fat Feasts. I pencilled this recipe as I love the combination of mustard and marmalade with chicken pieces. I didn't make the cous cous myself instead I used shop brought hot and spicy cous cous. The ingredients for this recipe are cheap and make a hearty supper.
Here is how my sticky mango chicken turned out:

If you don't want to buy this book (although for £3.69 from Amazon it's a bargain), here is the link for this recipe Recipe.

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