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Miller and Carter, Penn

I always, associate steak houses with the good ol USA,  perhaps because a juicy steak is associated with indulgence and Americans are known for their indulgent portions, and perhaps because I have watched many episodes of man vs food where Andy Richman has reviewed many steak houses on his show. When I was informed that Miller and Carter, a chain of steak restaurants were to open nearby where I live, my friend promptly decided to have a birthday meal there. There are only 27 Miller and Carters in the country and two within the West Midlands.

There are currently a couple of offers at Miller and Carter, two courses for £15, sparkling wine for £15 and treats for people celebrating their birthday. A small group of us decided to visit on a Friday evening, a positive first impression was quickly diminished after we were informed that they do not reserve tables, and that tables are allocated on a first come first serve basis. I expect a first come, first serve attitude at perhaps a Mcdonalds, a Pizza Hut or a pub, but not at restaurant. There was a considerable wait before we were allocated a table, around 40 minutes, but we made use of the bar and the comfy chairs in the bar area. After around 40 minutes we were brought to a table, and luckily as it was my friends birthday we were all given a free glass of champagne, which helped to stop our group mumbiling about the wait in time. The atmosphere in the restaurant was welcoming, the staff were helpful and attentive once we were seated, and there were a number of people who were celebrating their birthdays (noticeable by the balloons).

The menu at Miller and Carter is vast, there is so much choice for meat lovers (perhaps not for vegetarians) and even for those who do not want to order a steak. Our group all skipped starters, but for those that like starters there was plenty of choice: Chargrilled chicken wings £4.95, King Prawn Cocktail £5.75 and black pearl scallops for £7.50. I opted out to order a steak, instead I ordered a Cajun chicken burger which cost £9.95 and came with the full works: fries, coleslaw, guacamole, jalapenos and salad garnish. This was fantastic value for money, and I, a person who loves large portions, struggled to finish this.  The burger was moist, cooked through and seasoned well. The fries were crispy, the coleslaw crunchy and the guacamole was either homemade or from a high end supermarket.

Cajun chicken burger

My friend ordered an 8 oz steak which cost £12.95. This came with parsley butter, seasoned fried, a slice of onion loaf, ice burg lettuce and a steak sauce.  I did not manage to get a picture of this generously portioned dish, but my friend reported the steak to be succulent, tender and moist.

If it is your birthday this is a wonderful place to celebrate as they give guests a glass of complimentary champagne.

Overall: A restaurant that serves delicious steaks, alongside a selection of alternatives, located on the outskirts of the city centre with main meals generously portioned.
Positives: The food tasted delicious, nice atmosphere, generous portion sizes, free champagne if it is your birthday.
Negatives: The long wait for a table.

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I reviewed this restaurant because I love good food and am addicted to eating out.
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