Thursday, 19 December 2013

Grand Imperial London Review.

I recently spent time in London which is not something that I do that often, due to a busy weekday schedule and my weekends being taken up with various other commitments. I definitely hope to spend more time in 2014 visiting London, taking pictures of all the famous landmarks and eating out at all the wonderful restaurants, perhaps even a Michelin star restaurant, or perhaps visit a gastropub or visit just one of the many food markets in the city: all would send me into food heaven. I'm quite an organised person so when visiting an unfamiliar city or town or even when I travel on holiday, I would usually have the restaurant that I want to visit in mind and pre-booked.  As I knew I was visiting London, I scoured Groupon for the best deals in London, and Grand Imperial London offered an irresistible deal that was quite difficult to pass up: lobster meal for two, with a side dish plus a glass of champagne all for £38. Although I'm not usually a fan of hotel food (as the portion sizes can be underwhelming), I thought I would take a chance of this barginous offer and wouldn't mind having to order additional side dishes. What also appealed to me is the easy access to the hotel as it's right next to Victoria station which is handy if you have just finished from seeing all the sights and want to find a restaurant quick and easy. The service overall was good, I had to remind one of the waiters that I ordered the Groupon with the champagne included as I thought he forgot but he promptly brought this out after I mentioned it. I think there were quite a few people who were also dining out on this deal as I saw several lobster platters going to different tables.

I have never had lobster Cantonese style before, as I usually eat lobster when I visit the Caribbean, due to lobster being very expensive within the UK. In my mind I remembered eating lobster in Jamaica where it was boiled with no additional sauce and the lobster meat was very tender and succulent. With my only experience of eating lobster being in the Caribbean I was surprised that the lobster was cooked in a mild ginger and spring onion sauce, which complimented the tender texture of the lobster meat: the ginger added a fiery kick to my taste buds which I could taste with every mouthful and the spring onion added a complimentary flavour. I chose a side dish of steamed rice and a braised glass noddle and vermicelli ( I paid for the second side dish separately) which helped not only to complete the meal but to also soak up the flavours, as the lobster was quite rich, and also because I love carbs.


Would I return here again? Yes, the service was good, the food was beautifully presented, tasted delicious and I experienced a new flavour combination. I would only, however, visit Grand Imperial London  on a Groupon or special deal, as the meal was half price, I wouldn't want to justify spending £76 (or £36 each) on this dish.

I reviewed this restaurant because I love good food and am addicted to eating out.

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