Monday, 7 July 2014

Round up of foodie goodies

I have been sent some lovely food products over the last couple of months. Instead of writing an individual blog post (as I usually do) per item reviewed I have decided to write a review post every other month of the products that I have reviewed.

Tefal Optigrill
The lovely people from Tefal have introduced the innovative Optigrill a professional grill chef at home that can cook a variety of meats, alongside vegetables and pannis. I fell in love with the Optigrill as it is the perfect way of cooking meats - the audible alarm ensures that the meats are not overcooked alongside the intelligent cooking level indicator. This has come firm favourite within my home and I have cooked a variety of dishes using the Optigrill. There are 7 cooking settings: steak, burger, pork, chicken, fish, sausage and manual. The Optigrill is a brilliant way of ensuring that meats are cooked in healthier way as any fat from the meats is drained and collected in a tray I know you all are health conscious out there especially in the heat of the summer we want a healthier way of cooking meat. At£150.00 this isn't the cheapest grill on the market, but I certainly think any food lover would make a wise decision investing in this grill.

Cooking on the optigrill.

Jane Plan diet
Described as a life changing weight loss from the woman who knows, Jane Michell lost 2 stone devising her own weight loss plan. The Jane Plan diet is about making food fad free (no processed food!) and fuss free. The Jane Plan diet contains over 70 delicious recipes. Also includes The Skinny Rules, rules which enables dieters to stay on track. My favourite part of this book is the recipes, although there are no accompanying pictures, I made a couple of recipes from this book and followed the rules and managed to lose 4 lbs in a week. This book is published by  Here are the pictures for the low carb scrambled eggs with parma ham and the delicious Mediterranean chicken bake.

Mediterranean chicken bake

Mediterranean chicken bake
Scrambled egg and parma ham. 

It's summer and nothing quite says summer than a lovely light crispy salad. I most always accompany many of my evening meals with a salad during the summer months. Florette salads have a wide range of salads and flavours such as rocket, classic crispy, sweet and crunchy and Caesar salad. I've always been partial to the peppery crispy salad as this is more suitable to my taste buds. What I also like about the florette salads is they have a website which contains a large selection of recipes and decided to recreate the chicken and bacon salad from the website. Florette salads are widely available in supermarkets near you.

Chicken and bacon salad.

Harry Eastwoods A Salad For All Seasons
I have a large collection of cookbooks, but only have one cookbook dedicated to salads until now, Harry Eastwood's A Salad For All Seasons  has become a firm favourite in my ever growing collection. There are over 70 salad recipes in this book which are split according to the four weather seasons, there is no need for boring salads anymore. I made the Thanksgiving salad which is included in the Autumn chapter, I know this dish is very summery but I loved the idea of butternut squash, turkey slices, cranberries, nuts, seeds and rocket.
A Salad For All Seasons
Thanksgiving salad.

Many thanks to Tefal, Piatkus and Florette salads for the review opportunities.

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