Saturday, 12 October 2013

Smartie Rainbow cake

I've been wanting to make a celebration cake for some time, and my nan's birthday was the perfect excuse to get all my baking equipment out. Last year I made a nostalgic coconut cake which my family thoroughly enjoyed and this year I wanted to recreate another simple yet wow cake. I initially thought of making Lorraine Pascale's malteser from Fast Fresh and Easy cookbook but bookmarked this for a further date as over the top chocolate is not for everyone.
As there would have been several children sampiling the birthday cake I decided on making a rainbow cake, a cake with different colours on each layer and I wanted to decorate with smarties. The recipe that I based my cake on is Ed Kimber's rainbow cake from his second book Say It With Cake. I found the recipe easy to follow but if I were to make this again, I would make sure I had 6 gel colours instead of 4 to make the cake was more colourful. I decided on sticking to my trusted buttercream mixture.
Here is how my smartie rainbow cake turned out:
Smartie rainbow cake

Smartie rainbow cake

The recipe for the smartie cake cam be found here.

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