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Bouzouki By Night, review.

I have never tried authentic Greek food before, by that I mean Greek food cooked by a Greek person or a person of Greek heritage. I have only attempted to make two Greek dishes at home, Moussaka and Greek Chicken but never really tried anything else besides this, unless you count supermarkets Greek olives and feta cheese packs. There are a few Greek restaurants in the West Midlands but as I regularly visit Manchester and found Bouzouki By Night on my favourite discount website, Groupon, decided to embark on a culinary change and visit a restaurant that I would not usually visit. The deal £25 (50% off) for a 15 dish Greek mezze to share between 2 people is fantastic value for money and also includes a live band and evening entertainment. I would however, visit again at the non discounted price of £25 per person as the food was simply divine.
Located in the city centre the restaurant is accessed via several stairs and you are greeted to a fairly dark, yet welcoming restaurants with several pictures and photos of Greek islands, alongside soft playing Greek music. There is a set seating time of 8pm, presumably so all the dishes can be served at once and upon our arrival we were quickly seated by a friendly waiter. All tables feature a dimly lit candle, intimate setting, although I felt the restaurant is slightly dark.
To start, we received a selection of homous, tzatzki and beetroot dip, Greek Style Salad, small pieces of pitta bread, alongside a three bean Greek selection. I particularly enjoyed the unusual flavour of the beetroot dip which I took great pleasure in topping the pitta breads with. The homous and tzatski also went down well. The Greek salad was far superior than any shop brought Greek salad and came with sweet peppers, velvety feta cheese and juicy olives. I've never had a three bean salad whilst eating out and this was a welcoming carbohydrate to my selection of starters.
Selection of dips

Greek salad

Selection of starters
The selections of starter set my taste buds going and was eagerly pleased when the next round of mezze appeared. Stifado (beef stew) and a chicken dish was the next selection for the meat part of the mezze dishes. The sausages were mildly spiced, my only suggestion was that I could have done with more as it was so nice.
Stifado (beef stew)
The next meat dish was the chicken and lamb kebab, apologies for the blurry picture, yet I felt this dish had to be shared as these kebabs were a world away from the usual perception of kebabs from the takeaway. Meaty, flavoursome and well cooked these kebabs were served on top of couscous.
If you are not a big fan of meat, there was also a selection of calamari, deep fried vine leaves and white fish which offered a contrasting refreshing flavour to the meat dishes.

Calamari and white fish
Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the next round of mains, moussaka,  keftethes (meatballs) and Yiouvesti (rice pasta), they were all equally dishes and I was especially impressed by the yiouvesti. 

Finally, if you have room, there is a serving of ridiculously sweet baklava with double cream.

Positives: Fantastic value for money, large selection of flavoursome food, friendly staff.
Negatives:  There are numerous stairs to access the venue which is not the best if wearing heels. 
Disclaimer: I visited this restaurant as I enjoy eating out and I have already booked another visit to this fantastic restaurant. 
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