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Big Nanny Caribbean restaurant

I visited Big Nanny's Caribbean restaurant back in January this year. As a lover of Caribbean food, Big Nanny's restaurant is one of the more popular Caribbean restaurants in Birmingham and the owner, Veda has appeared on Britain's Best Dish and opened this restaurant shortly after. Big Nanny's is Birmingham City Council official Caribbean caterers so I knew that the food would be delicious. I was meaning to visit this restaurant for some time but never actually got round to it. As a big fan of Groupon, I was pleasantly pleased to discover there was a deal a two-course Caribbean meal for two people at Big Nanny's £16 (60% off) which is an absolute bargain and a deal that I promptly booked on a Saturday.
The restaurant is situated off the main road, down a side alley in the Jewelry Quarter Area of the city and is intimate with seating for 40. Upon arrival we were promptly greeted by a waiter and shown to our table.

I love saltfish fritters and previously blogged about them and share these beauties on my Facebook page, so I promptly ordered these for my starter which cost £4.95, my friend ordered Caribbean fish and chips £4.95. I also ordered the main at the same time as I dislike a long wait between courses. We waited for around 30 minutes for our starters, which I consider to be long, especially if you are starving. When my saltfish fritters finally arrived I was impressed with the presentation and the fritters looked like they were cooked in a tempura batter and came with a sweet chili dip. The saltfish fritters were crispy on the outside, the fish tender on the inside and had a slight kick to it. My friend added that the Caribbean fish and chips were delicious (I still don't understand why you would order fish and chips at a Caribbean restaurant!)

For our mains we waited even longer than 30 minutes, perhaps around 40 minutes, which led me to think perhaps there were only 1 or 2 people cooking the dishes which I did not think was acceptable for a Saturday service. I ordered the Caribbean pork curry £11.95 (Diced pieces of tender pork in a rich sauce infused with ginger) which was served with plain boiled white rice, alongside a side dish of fried plantain £1.50. My friend ordered the Beef stew (Beef with red kidney beans slowly cooked in a rich coconut cream sauce with dumplings), alongside a portion of boiled food (yams, banana and dumplings).

As the food took forever to arrive we received a complimentary side order of stewed cabbage which was some conciliation for the long wait. The pork was moist, tender cooked in a rich and flavoursome sauce, the rice was fluffy and of a generous portion and the fried plantain was crisp, sweet and a firm favourite. My friend reported the stew beef and boiled food to be tasty.

The Groupon deal did not include desserts but I love to try Caribbean flavoured puddings and desserts, but not a big fan of the calarofic content. For my pudding/dessert (depending upon where you are from in the UK) I stuck to sampling the best coffee in the world, blue mountain coffee (£4.00) which was absolutely amazing,  the aroma and taste was out of this world. My friend ordered a full fat, decadent, Caribbean chocolate rum cake with cream (£4.00) which I did sample a tbsp and was blown away with the rum content and richness of the cake, simply divine.

My food at Big Nanny's

Overall: A friendly restaurant situated on the outskirts of the city centre with delicious Caribbean food, full of flavour and hearty portions sizes. I would visit again, but only with the assurance that there would not be such a significant waiting time.

Positives: All the food ordered was delicious, the quality of the food can not be faulted.
Negatives: The ridiculously long wait for food which is not acceptable for a Saturday night service.

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Disclaimer: I reviewed this restaurant because I enjoy eating out.
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