Saturday, 2 April 2016

Bar and Block Restaurant Review

There's a fabulous new restaurant in Birmingham, a contemporary and modern take on the iconic Beefeater: Bar and Block, which is wonderful steak house. Located on Waterloo Street, Bar and Block opened last month and during my visit, the day before good Friday, this restaurant was jam backed and buzzing with people. As me and my friend walked in almost all the tables were full of hungry customers, so I was glad that my table was reserved. This restaurant is relatively large and there is a large bar area and some interesting wall features. I also liked that you could see the kitchen area, it's always refreshing to see the chefs preparing dishes, none of this microwaved foods. 

No onto the food,  we feasted on a three course meal including cocktails. It wouldn't be a girly meal without cocktails, I ordered the Cosmopolitan (£6.99) and my friend ordered Chambord Royale (£6.99).

We ordered starters of Garlic King Prawns (£7.50) which was served with crusty ciabatta and Cheese and Herb Topped Mushrooms (£5.50), whilst we waited for our starters our lovely waiter brought popcorn coated in beef dripping. I mean popcorn coated in beef dripping, I was intrigued and after having a few handfuls, this flavour needs to be stocked in supermarkets as it's incredibly moreish. My prawns were so succulent, refreshing and light, the ciabatta was perfect for mopping up the prawn and lemon juice. My friend, praised the cheese and her mushrooms, stating that it was gooey.

Now onto the mains, there's a selection of main courses such as Slow Cooked Pork Belly, Beef Short Rib and Beer Battered Fish and Chips, but if you are going to a steakhouse, you really should be ordering steak. There's a good selection of steaks from rump, ribeye, sirloin and spiral cut. My friend and I both ordered the 8oz Rib Eye Steak (£15.50), I ordered the traditional bernaise sauce and my friend ordered the  creamy mushroom. My steak was medium and my friend's was well done, I love the succulent flavours of my medium steak, it was perfectly chargrilled on the outside and moist on the inside. Delightful.

After such a gorgeous steak, we refreshed with more cocktails, mine being a Mitango (£3.25) , a virgin mojito - I never even missed the rum and my friend ordered a cosmopolitan (£6.99).

When it comes for desserts, I am all for chocolate so what better way to get chocolate wasted as I like to affectionately call it and order the impressive Chocolate Toffee Fondue for Two (£9.95). This chocolate delight comes with cinnamon coated banana fritters, warm bread & butter bites, chocolate brownie bites and fresh fruit, served with a warm chocolate toffee sauce for dipping. Well, I was in heaven, my friend and I loved dunking the fruits and brownies into the rich chocolate sauce.

Did I tell you that I was impressed with the decor and the vibe of this restaurant. I loved the bar area and the interior.

Disclaimer: I dined as guests of Bar and Block.

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