Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Waitrose BBQ Off

When the lovely people at Waitrose asked me whether I wanted to host a BBQ off, I happily obliged. As much as I am a relatively experienced cook I have never held a barbecue. In fact, I've never flipped over a burger on a barbecue so this challenge was a great experience for me. Also a new thing for me was shopping at Waitrose; many say that this store are expensive but I found the meat offers, three packets of barbecue meats for £10 very reasonable.
There is a superb range of BBQ recipes from the lovely Heston Blumenthal which I used in the barbecue, as you will see from the photographs in the post such as ribs, corn on the cobs and the chosen item for the BBQ off the juicy burger.  The idea of the BBQ bake is one dish to be chosen, in this case the burger and a winner is chosen based on how they assemble and top the burger. But before I share the winning burger I had to share that the products that I tried which was served at the BBQ, such as the maderia cake, burgers, bread rolls and sun dried tomatoes is the best rich quality of food I have ever tried in a very long time. This proves there is quality over quantity.  My favourite dish from the barbecue was the smokey beef burgers which tasted moist, meaty, tender and were hearty. I certainly would make these burgers again as they incredibly quick to make and were a real crowd pleaser. I'm quite a planner but wanted to keep it relatively simple and easy for me, I loosely based my menu on the following gorgeous dishes.
Here is my BBQ menu planner:
Roasted tomato & Wensleydale tart
Smokey beef burgers
Heston's Asian-style ribs
Corn on the cob

Smokey burgers, smoking

BBQ spread
BBQ spread inside 

Wensydale and cheese tart

Asian style ribs

Me with the dessert, my big fat trifle from LP  Home Cooking .

As part of the BBQ challenge one of my lovely guests had to make their own take on a chosen dish, which in this case was the smokey burger. I chose this delicious looking burger as it was piled high with guacamole, salsa and coleslaw. It also reminded me of my nostalgic trip to Brazil where burgers are sold on the streets with an abundance of toppings and the high and full a burger is, I'm a happy bunny. 
Winning burger

Disclaimer: I received vouchers from Waitrose, I was not required to write a positive view. Of course, all opinions are my own.
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