Sunday, 23 June 2013

Mustardy pork and apples.

I have recently tried to reduce my carbohydrate intake, in order to lose some weight. I have found that this is quite achievable on weekdays and easier when I  increase my vegetable and meat intake. I have shared before that I am a big fan of the BBC Good Food books and have recently noticed that they have published a low carb cookbook, which is on my wish list as the recipes look delicious.
This recipe of mustardy pork and apples came from BBC Good Food More Low Fat Feasts book and decided on making it after reading the low fat and carbohydrate content (8 grams fat, 9 grams carbohydrate). Also, the dish used chicken stock which to me always enhances an one pot (in this case oven) dish. I added aubergines to bulk out the meal and served with garden peas and a piece of garlic bread (I'm working on the low carb thing). I definitely feel the use of mustard and red apples gave the dish a lovely spicy and sweet kick to it.
Here is how my mustardy pork and apple dish turned out:
Mustardy pork chops.

Mustardy pork chops with apples and aubergines
Mustardy pork chops.
The recipe can be found if you click on the link mustardy pork and apples.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Quick lamb biryani.

A lot of my recent blog post have been about curries or a spicy dish, and this is another curry dish. I will however share some more unusual dishes I have cooked (South African Babotie anyone?). I like curry dishes as not only are they full of flavour, but some are incredibly quick and easy to make. This dish is also low fat so it also makes the perfect midweek meal after a long day at work. I usually make curry dishes with mince (such as my aloo keema) or chicken such as my aromatic chicken curry but I fancied making a curry with lamb something that I rarely do. I also liked the addition of a whole packet of spinach, which would increase my vegetable intake.
 This recipe is taken from BBC Good Food More Low Fat Feasts and contains 387 calories, 5g saturated fats and takes 25 minutes and serves 4.
Here is how my quick lamb biryani turned out:
Quick Lamb Biryani
Quick Lamb Biryani
The recipe for quick lamb biryani can be found here quick lamb biryani.


Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Prawn, cauliflower and tomato curry.

I have been intrigued about this recipe since last May when I brought BBC Good Food More Low Fat Feasts. I have to highly recommend these cook book series from the BBC, so far I have 6 and all the recipes in these books display the calories, fat, carbohydrate and salt content, perfect for those watching thier waist line.
The original recipe for this dish uses peas instead of cauliflower, but as I only had a packet of frozen cauliflower at the time this is what I used. I think with this recipe you can substitute the suggested peas to any vegetables that you have at hand. As i'm not a big fish eater, I wondered how well a fish could hold a hot and spicy curry. I was reluctant to use only prawns as wanted a more meatier taste, so added some pollock, cut into bitesize pieces. Although this is delicious I don't whether it will become a firm favourite at home. I'm too much of a meat lover, but for the fish lovers out there, here is how my dish turned out:
Prawn, cauliflower and tomato curry
I added two mini naans and an Indian vegetable dish, Diwani Handi - an Indian vegetable dish, this balanced the overall flavour. I'm a firm believer in marinade (whether this is fish, meat, or even veggie dishes) and this dish was no exception, I seasoned with salt, black pepper, chilli and garlic.
chopped garlic, chilli and onions

Seasoning and onions 
Seasoning mixed with the fish.
I then started with the sauce, which is different to the sauce from the recipe. Instead of using 6 ripe tomatoes and cut into two, I used a packet of passata with chicken tikka paste - which is a more authentic taste than using a jar of curry sauce for example.
Chopped tomato with Tikka pasre
I then added the curry to the sauce mix and let this cook for 5 minutes before adding the fish.
Cauliflower cooking

Fish added into the tomato mixture.

Here is the link to the prawn pea and tomato curry. Hope you enjoy xx

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