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Food, Fashion and Travel - these are my biggest joys in life. Thank you for reading my blog, I'm Charlene, the blogger behind Food Glorious Food. 

I've always loved food and was more than happy to have a second helping,  I fell in love with baking when I was a student studying my Masters degree, but realised I was a better cook and as such documented my culinary adventures when I started my blog in 2012. 

I am passionate about modern, accessible and vibrant Jamaican family cooking and you will find many recipes that are enjoyed by my family on this site. I hope you are inspired by the food that I enjoy cooking, eating and reviewing. Foodie days out, restaurant reviews, cook book reviews and products are covered in this blog, if it's food related and I like it, I'll share it (either on here or my social media sites) and all opinions are my own. I have been fortunate to travel to many Caribbean islands and European countries and my travels are often inspiration to my cooking. 

My Caribbean inspired recipes have been featured as reader/blogger recipes on The Guardian, The I Newspaper and The Telegraph. 


I have worked with numerous brands and welcome sponsored posts, recipe commissions and review opportunities that fit in line with my site. Low budget items are now reviewed via social media (Twitter/Instragram/Facebook). 

Why should you work with Food Glorious Food? I am able to deliver informative and engaging content with loyal readers who respect my views for being honest and reliable. My target audience is young food lovers, fashionistas and adventurous travellers who have disposable income. The majority of my readers are from the UK, USA and Germany.

Here are my blog statistics:
3 million Google plus views
400,000 blog views.

800- 2000 Daily blog views.

For any PR, promotion, press or brand collaboration inquiries or if you just want to say hello, email me at hello@charleneflash.com

I have a Facebook Page Charlene Flash
I am on Twitter: @CharleneFlash
Alternatively, I am on Instragram: @charlene_flash



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